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Is Plasma Skin Tightening Right for You?

Is Plasma Skin Tightening Right for You?

As a master aesthetician, learning ways to improve, enhance and prevent premature aging is a privilege and never gets old (ok,  pun intended this time!).  With certain advanced massage techniques, born mostly in Europe, China and Japan, you can enhance your natural, relaxed glow through the power of touch.  New technologies and at-home devices make it easier for people to maintain healthy skin and have fun doing it.  Have you seen the explosion of Gua Sha on Instagram? While my approach to skin care is generally holistic, advancements in technology, and devices are something I value.  This is where Plasma Skin Tightening comes in.

We often share our psycho-emotional state through our faces, both with expressions and our lines. Sometimes we want to maintain our privacy and not be subjected to judgement or ridicule because our lines are too deep or our skin is hyper-pigmented, be subjected to perpetual judgement- Ageism. We live in a global culture that thrives on youth.

Women especially feel the brunt of these social jabs. “Look at her thighs.” “Has she had anything done?” “Did she go up a size?” “She has so many sun spots!” Scrutiny plays a part in how we feel about ourselves. Thankfully through the beauty industry’s push towards inclusivity and diversity people are judging less, at least outwardly. But, it is still an undercurrent of society that plagues anyone over 25. Plastic surgery, injections and other semi invasive treatments are becoming the norm for younger and younger people-- thank Kylie Jenner for every lip injection in the under 30 set.  People are quick to inject or go under the knife to achieve eternal youth, but they can look like clones, expressionless, or like a plumped puffer fish.  I don’t think anyone wants that result.

As I’ve honed my craft throughout the last two decades, my goal has always been to create a healthy canvas of strong, resilient skin and through tried and true techniques coupled with innovative technologies. I’m a lover of cosmetic dermatology  but after a while, it can contort your face and make your skin droop along with making you look overfilled. Regular facials are a very powerful tool in your skin health arsenal, but we are always looking for the next “thing”. Plasma Skin Tightening is it.

As we age, our skin's natural production of collagen molecules slow down dramatically - leading to a deflationary effect on the surface of our skin. This causes fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin as we get older. As the scaffolding of our skin deteriorates, it loses its natural buoyancy and texture, as the elastin that underpins our skin's elasticity begins to wear out. Plasma skin tightening treatments can support this loss in structure though non-invasive treatments. 

This method stimulates the fibroblasts in the skin to significantly tighten, repair and minimize wrinkles. Nitrogen plasma energy transfers to the skin’s epidermal layer,  creating a micro-trauma that affects the superficial epidermis, as well as the fibroblasts to help rebuild the structure of the skin naturally. The results are almost instant, and in many cases will last up to 3 years!  

This technique is a game charger for aging skin.  It can be done on the face or the body,  including pesky stretch marks and acne scar revision.  Your body naturally heals itself so there is no cutting, incisions plus you skip the heavy price tag of surgery.  It can be done within a professional regimen of microchanneling and regular facials.  The pre and post care is pretty strict for example, no sun for a month prior and three months after, you have to wait 3 weeks before and after for any fillers or botox and fair warning, you do not look your best for a few days. The treatment creates an artistic pattern... dots, like a Georges-Pierre Seurat painting across the treated areas.  And it goes without saying, SPF is mandatory, but with a pair of big sunglasses and your mask, no one will ever know.  

Caring for your skin is a beautiful thing. It’s fun, ritualistic, exciting and works over the course of time. When you find your trusted aesthetic guru, they become a part of your tribe, warding off premature aging.  Consistency and diligence is key to having beautiful skin you want to brag about.  Combining a monthly custom facial with facial massage, microchanneling, plasma skin tightening and revision along with your other beloved cosmetic treatments will minimize wrinkles, sagging, drooping, enlarged pores and ultimately delay or avoid the knife all together.

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