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Your Wedding Day Glow Awaits.

Wedding Day Glow Regimen 

You might have noticed a lot of new trends in the wedding industry lately, but one thing hasn’t changed: the desire for flawless, smooth skin. Brides and grooms want their special day to be perfect and their photos and video to speak a thousand stories. Let your skin glow through no matter what type of wedding you choose, Zoom, elopement, outdoor or an even more intimate ceremony. Whatever your special day looks like, partner with Jillian to achieve your optimum glow.  

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Pre-Wedding Day Prep Plan

9 Months

Nine months is a healthy timeline to have glowing skin before your wedding day. Between monthly facials and plasma skin tightening together, we can achieve the results you desire.

After a consultation, Jillian will create a treatment plan specifically for you.

6 Months

A facial once a month will train your skin and reduce redness, pigmentation, acne breakouts and dehydration.  

Plasma skin tightening is also recommended six months prior and can be scheduled in between other services like Botox, and laser.

3 Months

A facial every three weeks for three months will give you the perfect glow for your big day. 

Minimize breakouts, smooth enlarged pores, get your acne breakouts under control and walk down that aisle feeling beautiful and confident.