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Simple Lifestyle Hacks That Will Make Your Skin Glow.

Simple Lifestyle Hacks That Will Make Your Skin Glow.

Having gorgeous skin, doesn't just mean slapping on a moisturizer and going about your day.  It is an art form, a ritual that takes time and effort.  The benefits outweigh the process and can actually be enjoyable once you have a system down.


Be your own skincare detective.  Cause and effect.  If you are experiencing discomfort, there is always a reason but most of the time a solution.  For example, my sinuses become very dry once October comes around and my face is very uncomfortable.  This means I want to rub my skin for some relief or in the worst case, I get a sinus infection and have to go on antibiotics.  What I’ve learned is having a humidifier, even when I travel, is one of the best antidotes to sinus issues and dried out skin.  My other tip is to coat the inside of your nostrils with a balm and I’m not talking Aquaphor.  I have two favorites.  The first is CV Skinlabs. This award winning, 100%  natural, non-petrolatum, cure-all balm instantly softens severely dry and chapped skin. Perfect for eczema, scars, lips and cuticles. A favorite among celebrity makeup artists.If you order from their website, you get 15% off your first order.  My second all time favorite is Everyday-Humans, Bomb Diggity Wonder Salve from Australia. This super affordable balm is full of super star ingredients including Carica Papaya Fruit Extract (Paw Paw), Mentha Arvensis (Wild Mint) Leaf Oil, Coconut Oil, Acai Fruit Oil. This is also petroleum, lanolin and mineral free and comes in two versions- Watermelon + Hemp, and Mint + Rose.  Along with coating your nostrils with balm, having a humidifier is key. During my travels all over the world, I found this cutie to be the perfect size and cleaning it is a breeze. Homasy humidifier is my go for for my bed stand and my kids. The mist flow is silent and cleaning it is very easy.  Plus, you can add your favorite essential oil to the water.


We all experience occasional constipation. For whatever reason, it’s really uncomfortable and can occupy our minds to the point of stress.  I have found The Republic of Tea, “Get it Going” to be safe and effective.  I try to time it when I’m going to be home or first thing in the morning if possible.  But it will give you the relief you are looking for.  This will put a smile on your face which is always an antidote to premature aging!


Do something that you love.  I love to cook for my family.  I try to cook healthy, but yummy, inventive yet palpable dishes.  The Well + Good cookbook is a great place to start.  Check out my recipe on page 183 for my 10 ingredient Reset Salad.  The trick is to pick ingredients you love.  You are not beholden to the vegetables I chose.  Be creative!  If you can’t cook for your family, try one of my favorite delivery services called Eat Sunny,  Currently available in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, it’s an amazing service that delivers incredible meals for the whole family.  Bonus, the founder Tatiana Bomcompagni also has a recipe in the Well + Good cookbook on page 238 for a boozy coconut rum colada.

Lastly, anxiety and stress is a pandemic in and of itself.  Mental wellness is just as important as caring for your skin. Ingestibles is a hot category this decade and CBD is in the forefront.  Winged CBD has a great collection of CBD gummies and gel capsules to help relax you and make you happy.  I find the app Headspace to be super helpful but if you use or have heard of Calm, that's a good one too.  It’s all about being mindful of you, what makes you happy and pushes you forward to feeling and looking better. Life hacks are fun!

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