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Take the Quiz! The Scientific Promise of DNA Testing and Digital Imaging for Your Skin Health

Take the Quiz! The Scientific Promise of DNA Testing and Digital Imaging for Your Skin Health

I’m always searching for ways to enhance your facial experience, whether in the treatment room, through my website or on my IG. Behind the scenes, I have been collaborating on a NEW hyper-personalized way to decipher which products are appropriate for your skin. Now, the results of this effort can be found via Yudoyu, which features a comprehensive, multi-faceted skin quiz with the option to dig deeper with a Skin DNA Test that tells you the truth about your skin's foundation and a Diagnostic Digital Imaging Scanner that reads your skin's surface. The opportunity to combine hard science with lifestyle choices to make sound decisions will save you time and money in the future.  Let me share just why I’m so excited about my partnership with Yudoyu

The more you know about your skin, the better choices you make. Your journey doesn't have to be a mystery full of trial and error, marked by wasted money and loss of time using the wrong products. We’ve all been lured (and confused) by social media to buy the ‘next best thing.’ The promise of the unknown can be addicting, especially when a ‘known social media influencer’ swears by it! I know that I have been tempted to purchase this ‘magic serum’ or that ‘miracle eye balm’ sight unseen (please resist). Even those of us who diligently read ingredient lists can still be sucked into the hype vortex.

Throughout my career I've learned about my clients' skin by offering a consultation form when they come in for a facial. This is standard practice in the industry. It’s the first point of communication and relationship building, so I can get to know a person's skin through their eyes and experiences. The second point of communication is verbal. This is when the client comes in, and we discuss their goals. The third is when they are on my facial bed, and I get my hands (and a magnifying lamp) on their skin, and their skin tells me the last piece of the story. This tried-and-true process is much more comprehensive and definitive than buying something from Instagram. It’s the classic, one-on-one experience that Aestheticians have been using for decades to effectively analyze a person's skin. 

 Is there a way to go deeper?

What if we search for more truth and additional facts? What if we had hard evidence to work from? What if we could go all “CSI” and investigate the truth and provide data to help people with their life-long skin health journey? This is where DNA reporting and digital imaging are bringing cutting-edge technology to bear on personalized skincare.

During the COVID days, I was approached by a skincare innovations team to consult on an idea that included a DNA test for the skin. This new approach intrigued me, though I had many questions! Would people be ready for it? Would they take a DNA test solely for their skin? How would we collect data for personal choice and experience? For it to work, the results would need to be augmented with a comprehensive skin quiz and an intricate matrix that would emulate the diagnostic approach of professional aestheticians. The team agreed, and after these and other exciting brainstorms, Yudoyu was born. (Learn more about the DNA Test for your skin here.)

Yudoyu® (you do you) is an innovative e-commerce platform that recommends products based on two key platforms: a comprehensive quiz created by Jillian Wright (yours truly!) that employs a complex matrix of factors to determine what products and ingredients are good for your skin, and—if you want to take it one step further and learn more—the Yudoyu® Skin DNA Test to receive a complete analysis of how your skin ages from a scientific perspective.

Yudoyu tests for genetic marker variations in six categories crucial to skin health. Your report includes “unique to you” information that potentially predicts YOUR skin's risks for sensitivity, glycation wrinkling, pigmentation and UV sensitivity, collagen loss, UVA and blue light damage, and free radical damage. The test offers a factual basis for definitively addressing skincare needs through science and experience. 


 Hard Evidence = Empowerment

It’s exciting to get to know your skin. The quiz, like a game, is fun but also gives you guidance on your skincare journey. You take the quiz, and products are recommended for you. The DNA testing component takes the process a step further and contributes to understanding the mystery of why your skin functions the way it does. This optional service allows users to make choices based on hard scientific evidence.  

Imagine bringing this report to your aesthetician or dermatologist to choose and purchase products confidently, knowing that what you are buying will make a difference in your skin instead of buying products blindly. 

Yudoyu’s skin quiz allows you to narrow down product choices so you don’t waste time and money. If you pair that with the skin DNA test, you are armed with hard data that cannot be disputed. This information partnered with your chosen derm and/or facialist is a win-win!

Another step in taking the guesswork out of choosing products and treatments is digital analysis. This element is another leading-edge process that I highly recommend. Imaging gives you a deeper view of what is going on with your skin IRL, whether you are aging prematurely and where you are with your skin’s health journey. Digital imaging can look a bit scary and can appear as an abstract painting; however, put those feelings aside and lean into the process. Knowing your skin's age can motivate you to make better choices or continue on a path of good habits. An analyzer can track your progress, and it reinforces the relationship you have with your skin professional and yourself. I use the Zemits Veraface Analyzer in my facial suite. It helps benchmark where we are in your skin’s journey and track the progress made over time. The key is to slow down the premature aging process and strengthen the skin’s extracellular matrix (collagen, elastin, and fibroblasts) and control and minimize skin issues like acne, pigmentation and rosacea.

Aesthetics has come a long way in the last 25 years, and we are more empowered than ever before. We have access to tools and professionals who will truthfully guide you on your lifelong journey to strong skin at any age. Aging is a gift and should be celebrated; however, you don’t have to age prematurely or feel lost or defeated. Let’s face it, we are spoiled for choice.  

Smart choices = less waste = happier wallet, planet, and you. 


Take the Yudoyu Quiz!

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