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How To Keep Your Skin Filter Free for Weeks After a Facial!

How To Keep Your Skin Filter Free for Weeks After a Facial!

The moment you lift your body off the treatment table after 90 minutes of pure relaxation and bliss is when you see your skin in the mirror for the first time. You look at yourself with elation, smiling at the reflection knowing you have been transformed. You love what you see! You’re plumped, hydrated, blemish free, glowing, smooth, relaxed and dark circle free. Oxygen is rushing to your once clogged pores giving you the illumination you desired when you walked into the treatment room. All the stress you had is now gone. How do you keep this “glow up” for days that follow your facial?

There are many reasons you see your professional Aesthetician. I’m a huge fan of facial massage, but I’m not a fan of doing it on myself. Sorry, not sorry. I like to be pampered! As nice as it is to do Gua Sha at home, there is nothing like the touch of a professional facialist. We are trained in a way that you can only experience in the treatment room. We also have the skill to remove congestion, exfoliate, lift, heal and recommend products to get your skin in tip top shape. We analyse your skin and share what we believe will be long lasting results giving you the confidence you desire in the overall health of your complexion. We all want to have youthful, balanced skin!


You want to take the homecare product recommendations of your facialist.  She is going to ask you a series of questions like “Do you have an AM/PM regimen”, “Do you drink a lot of water?”, “Are you exposed to urban pollution?”, “What kind of makeup do you wear?” , “Are you a picker?”. These are all very important questions because she can provide valuable information on how to upgrade your “at home” facial routine with products and techniques to maintain that healthy glow until the next time you see her. Also, using the products she recommends typically means she is very familiar with the ingredients and their functionality and can gauge how efficacious they will be on your skin.


You may have to make simple changes in your lifestyle.  She may recommend drinking more water, switching from coffee to tea, exercise more, meditate, use a humidifier, switch to clean beauty, less screen time, etc...Lifestyle choices directly affect the way your skin functions.  Sometimes you have to make sacrifices in order to have  beautiful skin. I always recommend wearing a hat, glasses and using a sun umbrella whenever you have to be in direct sunlight.  Your kids may be embarrassed but you will thank yourself later. 


Be consistent.  Your skin is like a child and thrives on routine.  Don’t skip and sleep with your makeup on, or forget to wash your face in the morning. Simply by doing the same thing day and night will allow your skin to function properly.  If you have to set your alarm for 5 minutes earlier or start your bedtime routine at 10pm instead of 10:30pm, it’s worth it.  It’s worth taking care of your skin every day, no matter what.  It’s the easiest way to maintain unbelievable, filter-free skin.

Lastly, be your own skincare detective. If something doesn’t feel right like your skin is itchy, red, fragile, uncomfortable, it probably means what you are doing isn’t working anymore. Seasonal changes, stress, different climates, environment, products all have a direct effect on how your skin functions. Listen to your skin and make the changes necessary so you feel confident in between your facial visits.

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