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Luce di Sorrento
Made in Italy

Luce di Sorrento was born from a long research project within the functional dermocosmetics, linked to the Sorrento territory, to create an innovative and high-quality beauty treatment that helps counteract the effects of time, for a visibly younger and more radiant skin.

Giovanna Adelizzi, the founder of light of Sorrento, is a family story that has been passionately dedicated to the cultivation of Sorrento lemons since 1923, believing that the real beauty secret lies precisely in nature and its infinite and fascinating resources.

"The knowledge of nature is something that has been handed down for generations"

The product formulas focus on this extraordinary combination of science and nature, using selected, rare and precious ingredients, exploiting the properties of the Sorrento IGP Lemon Essential Oil, the DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Sorrento Peninsula and the Sea water: a constant effort towards excellence and innovation in which research is capable of slowing down time and aging.

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