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15 Tips for Wedding Day and Prom Prep: Flawless Skin and Make Up for Everyone!

15 Tips for Wedding Day and Prom Prep: Flawless Skin and Make Up for Everyone!

You might have noticed a lot of new trends in the bridal/wedding/prom industry this year. But one thing that hasn’t changed is the desire for flawless, smooth skin. You want your make up to be perfect and your photos and video to speak a thousand stories for years to come. Let your skin glow no matter what type of wedding you choose or prom you are attending. Zoom, elopements, outdoor and smaller scale ceremonies are on the rise. Prepping your skin well in advance will ensure gorgeous “day of” make up, beautiful photos and video you can enjoy forever. Think of your skin as the foundation for everything else!


Rachel Levine Photography

Top 15 Wedding Day Skin Prep Tips

1. No glitter or Kim K highlighter contour all over the end of your nose and around your eyes. Flash photography reflects off of it.

2. Match jaw to neck color.  Make sure your make up artist is paying attention to your neck and color matching it to your jaw line.

3. Drink a lot water. As tempting as it is to drink champagne or sugary drinks, still with water. This will keep you alert and functioning well throughout the day when you are feeling the most overwhelmed and excited. With that said, make sure you have someone designated to help you go to the restroom.

4. Bring blotting paper. You will get sweaty. You will feel excited and overwhelmed.  Your make up will melt. Also, always use mattify/ hd powder for touch ups through out the day.

5. Wear sunscreen all over your body if you have a summer wedding. Don’t make your photographer edit out tan lines all over your chest and shoulders, or sunglass tan lines.

6. Don’t forget your hands. Take really good care of the skin on your hands for that ring shot.




7. Prep your skin / body – dry brushing / exfoliating gloves are great too – use a beautiful nourishing body oil.

8. If you are thinking of fake baking, do it far enough in advance (trial it!) where the solution isn’t going to get on your dress and you can play with the color. I recommend a professional spray tan and let the technician known you are getting married and if it is an outdoor or indoor wedding.


Prom Prep


9. Look at your brows. Are you thinking of microblading? If so, do it far enough in advance to schedule your follow up. I’d say 6-9 months in advance. Go to someone highly experience and who comes recommended. Look at their work and have a consultation. Read the reviews. Same with lip blushing. Make sure to do your homework.

10. Prepare lashes with growth enhancer / lift / tint.

11. Colors – What is your color theme? What color are your flowers? Yes, consider trends however, work with palettes that enhance your skin-tone for clothing / accessories and make up. The color that looks best on you is the one YOU feel the best in!


Rachel Levine Photography


12. Facials / deep pore cleanse – See my 9-6-3 month plan for facials here.  Even if you are a month away from your special day, get a facial, but don’t do it the week of.

13. Look yourself. Don’t make any drastic changes to your look before your special day. You will be looking at your photos and videos for a lifetime. Think classic, not trendy.

 Jillian on her wedding day (1st Marriage)

         Photo by Susan Rae Photography 

14. Consider the lighting indoor / outdoor – Take pictures in both lighting. Play with your make up, the colors, wearability well in advance to know the best choices for you. Speak to your make up artist about how she handles your make up. Lightning and wearability.  *An outdoor wedding in the Summer on the beach is very different then a wedding at City Hall in the middle of winter.

15. Stress management. Stress can cause external skin issues like eczema, psoriasis, and keratosis pilaris. It also weakens your immune system. Daily meditation or activities focused solely on you can get you through these times that can be challenging both internally and externally.  Eat stress reducing foods and load up on green vegetables to reduce inflammation. Citrus fruits, red bell peppers, broccoli, garlic, ginger, spinach, yogurt, almond, green tea and turmeric are all foods that will help reduce stress and boost your immune system. 


Rachel Levine Photography

*Thank you to beauty expert Jaclyn Luongo, a leader of innovation in the spa industry; a licensed esthetician, make-up artist, Aesthetic instructor, beauty blogger and business consultant, with over 22 years of experience. She is also head of US sales for Inika.  And a special thank you to wedding photographer, Rachel Levine. Rachel is best known for her elegantly playful and diverse small weddings, photographed at the iconic San Francisco City Hall throughout the last decade. After serving many hundreds of couples there, she's taken her super powers as a creative storyteller and solver of all wedding planning problems out into the wonderlands of Northern California. All the beautiful photos in this blog are Rachel Levine Photography.


Jaclyn Luongo Rachel Levine Photography

To book a consultation to discuss your skincare plan, email Jillian at  To book your facial, click here. Start with a Flash Facial or 60 minute Custom Facial. 

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