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Next Generation Beauty Tech Guru-Nicole Chau Founder of La Luer

Next Generation Beauty Tech Guru-Nicole Chau Founder of La Luer

We are living in the age of self care. Gua Sha and ice globes have taken over social media.  It makes for good content. It’s fun to watch and even try, but real results come from a combination of holistic facial care and tech devices to help improve the skin. People are home more than ever and turning their routine into just washing their face. 

Skincare routines are becoming ritualistic as more people discover the physical and mental benefits of taking care of themselves.  It’s beauty tech pioneers like Nicole Chau who are paving the way and taking beauty tech devices to the next level.

Nicole, a graduate from USC in Neuroscience and Chinese, decided to do a 180 in her career path and gave up becoming a Neurosurgeon to develop and launch La Luer. A Sephora Accelerate graduate, Nicole has had a bumpy journey getting her device to market.  Luckily she found a manufacturer who believed in her vision. 



“Skincare is being democratized, and the combination of beauty tech with skincare products gives you amazing results!” —Nicole Chau



I asked Nicole some questions…


What was that moment like for you when you decided to switch career paths from surgery to beauty tech?  I know you were also in merchandising for about 7 years as well.

It was scary...I knew I wanted to be a doctor before I even attended university.  I went to an amazing prep school in Honolulu, where I grew up, ‘Iolani.  I spent most of my high school prepping myself for a career in medicine––I took AP Biology, I applied to USC with a declared Biology major, and I attended various leadership forums on medicine.  I even had the opportunity to shadow various doctors, and was simply fascinated by the human body.  Despite graduating with my neuroscience major, something didn’t feel right.  Perhaps, a little part of me wasn’t ready to commit to another 10+ years of school and training.  Instead I pursued a career in finance, sales, and later, merchandise planning.  If you look at my resume –– it looks like the resume of a confused human being… but looking back I realized, the times where I struggled the most and had mini “life-crises” were moments that were most pivotal for me.

I want to share my story because I lived my life planning everything to a T.  I felt horrible whenever I strayed from the paved path.  But, time after time, adversity and “straying” has led me closer to a career that truly resonated with me.  It led me to La Luer.  


What was the inspiration behind La Luer?

La Luer was born out of my personal struggle with acne and hypersensitive skin.  Like the many women I worked with, I felt frustrated not knowing which skincare products to use with thousands to choose from.  I felt vulnerable walking out of the house without foundation and makeup.

With a very science-oriented mind, and as a very stubborn girl, I was determined to find a solution.  I lived and breathed “skin” and the more I talked to women, the more I realized I wasn’t alone.  So, if I found a solution, I wouldnt only be helping myself, but those around me as well.  

My science background compelled me to create a product that was backed by science––I didn’t just want to create a device that simply looked fancy, but I wanted it to be as functional as it was beautiful.  Prior to developing the product, I spoke to countless doctors and read hundreds of research articles on the technologies.  These technologies alone (LED light technology, ultrasound, radio frequency, microcurrents, galvanic currents, and sonic pulsations) were already proven to work, so why hasn’t anyone combined the technologies, I thought to myself.

I just ran with the idea, and worked on the product step by step.  La Luer now has 3 patents––we hold the patent for the integration of 6 technologies into 1 device, as well as two design patents for the outer appearance.  

La Luer has helped me transform my skin completely, but what’s most rewarding is it’s helped thousands of other women as well.  My favorite part of the job is connecting with other women and hearing from our customers.  

La Luer is not just about skincare and beauty, but we stand for something greater.  It’s about confidence, feeling beautiful, and knowing you have the power to transform your skin.  


How long did it take you to go from concept to production?

From concept to production took 2 ½ years.  We were invited to launch January of 2019 at CES alongside major beauty brands like L'oreal and large tech brands like Samsung, LG, and Panosonic. 


Tell us about Mira and of course, my favorite, CryoSculpting Tools.

During facials, beauty spas use a combination of devices to detox, tone, lift, and infuse products into the skin, leaving women with an enviable after-facial glow.  I wanted to bring the spa experience to the home and help women gain access to cutting-edge beauty technologies outside of expensive facial treatments.

I wanted to change up skincare by integrating the most effective and widely used beauty technologies (red, green, and blue LED light therapy, ultrasound, EMS, RF, galvanic ion infusion, and sonic pulsations) into a compact device, allowing women to care for and attain flawless skin from the comfort of their own homes or even on the go. 

MIRA, our non-invasive device, leads women through the standard facial process by working to effectively detox, tone, lift, and infuse active ingredients into the skin.  Each treatment stimulates the skin’s natural ability to regenerate without physically damaging the skin, so, there’s absolutely no downtime after usage.  MIRA is convenient, customizable, and easy to use.

MIRA streamlines post-cleansing skincare routines for those looking for consistency, but is also flexible, allowing women to custom-tailor treatments or routines specific to their skin type, age, and concerns. 


The CryoSculpting tools are the best design I have ever seen.  Tell us how you conceptualized them.

Cryosculpt complements our Facial Treatment System Mira, as well as our skincare products.  For centuries, royalty has been using ice therapy in their beauty routines, and celebrities (modern royalty today), often get Cryo Facials.  

I’ve been rubbing ice cubes on my face for years, and have purchased other cooling tools made of glass and freeze fluid, but they break easily, and didn’t fit into my facial contours. 

Cryosculpt’s shape fits into your natural facial contours, and is also made of medical grade stainless steel- the same stainless steel we use in our device.  This not only helps the tool stay cool longer, but it’s durable, hypoallergenic, and feels so amazing on the skin.

It calms the skin after extractions (if you’re at a spa), you can use it to soothe and cool your face down after a day in the sun––it works synergistically with the rest of your skincare products.  CryoSculpt works for anything from redness and inflammation, to pores and puffiness.

I sometimes use it to give myself a mini neck massage and use it (concave side in, as a Gua Sha tool for my face).


What’s next for La Luer?

We’re working on developing our product line and launching a line of products that can be used with Mira and Cryosculpt!  

Thank you Nicole!


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