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LA LUER CryoSculpting Set

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Instantly soothe redness, sculpt facial contours, tighten pores, detoxify, and plump skin with La Luer's CryoSculpt. Crafted from 100% surgical-grade stainless steel and filled with cryofreeze technology, CryoSculpt allows users to combine facial massage techniques with ice-cold temperatures for a total spa-level refresh!


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  • Cryofreeze technology harnesses and sustains cold temperatures to decrease vasodilation––immediately tightening skin, constricting pores, and soothing redness.
  • Ergonomic design perfectly adapts to your natural face and body contours, effectively sculpting and visibly de-puffing skin.
  • 100% surgical-grade stainless steel is hypoallergenic, anti-corrosive, and easy to maintain.


    Why Jillian loves La Luer CryoSculpting Tool

    • Advanced design makes them easy to use for anyone.
    • Can be used with your favorite oil, gel, cream or mask.
    • Makes a great gift.


      How to Use

      Ice therapy helps counteract under-eye puffiness by constricting blood vessels, increasing circulation, promoting lymphatic drainage, and providing anti-inflammatory benefits.

      Starting under the eye at the bridge of the nose, glide Cryosculpt outwards towards temples.  You can also hold Cryosculpt over closed eyes––pressing and releasing as needed.

      Cold therapy can help reduce swelling and redness from breakouts by curbing inflammation.

      Hold Cryosculpt over breakout areas and gently move in circular motions, icing breakouts in intervals of 1 minute.  Repeat for 2-3 minutes and continue icing daily. 

      Skin icing helps tighten and shrink appearance of large pores, giving you that smooth glass like finish.  It's the perfect primer prior to applying makeup, or skip makeup all together after your icing session.

      Focusing on your middle face area, glide Cryosculpt outwards towards your ears, repeat 5-10 times or as needed.  Foundation should look smooth and flawless.

      Utilizing cold therapy with your serums will help actives absorb better and penetrate deep into skin.  Cold temperatures causes capillaries to constrict thereby creating a "pulling" effect into skin.

      Apply a generous layer of your favorite, gel mask, sheet mask, facial oil or serum, then glide Cryosculpt over facial areas.  Freezing temperatures will prompt tighter skin and give you that instant glow.