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Nourish & rejuvenate your skin with 24k gold

24K Elite Gold French Facial Treatment
(Limited Edition)

60 minutes

This skin nourishing 24K Gold Facial is a pure celebration of repairing skin cells and rejuvenation, leaving you with a luxurious, radiant, youthful glow. Gold helps improves skin elasticity, accelerates cell renewal and reverses oxidation damage. Gold also increases a higher amount of blood to treated skin tissues speeding up cellular renewal and activating regeneration. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are minimized with each treatment.


Gold helps restore elasticity, slowing down collagen depletion and the breakdown of elastin to prevent sagging skin. It stimulates cellular growth of the basal layer to regenerate healthy, firm skin cells and provide a tightening effect. 


This 24K Gold Facial helps hyper-sensitive skin, increase circulation, and provide antioxidant support. What makes gold such an effective ingredient is the reaction it gets when it is combined with active anti-wrinkle ingredients.