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OILLE (oy-elle) is the holistic healing art of clinical aromatherapy.
They are for the authentic, and scientifically-proven. When founder, Kirsten King, discovered 90-95% of essential oils are blindly adulterated with hidden, potentially harmful contaminants, she became an aromatherapist to create OILLE, a clean beauty brand to scientifically prove purity in essential oils.
Join their mission for scientific proof, not false promises in essential oils. Feel what is real® through connecting to truth, challenging transparency, and celebrating plant intelligence. Together, purity is possible.
Formulated with GC/MS Technology.
We dive deep into plant chemistry with advanced, data-driven technology. Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry, a two-part analytical technology, identifies and quantifies substances within an essential oil into exact percentages. Performed by a botanical chemist, it is used to disclose if any hidden contaminants are present and measures plant compounds, i.e. plant DNA. GC/MS lab reports are available upon request.