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MDSolarSciences was founded by Dr Friedman, a dermatologic oncologist. Dr. Friedman was part of a group of dermatologists at NYU that developed “the ABCDs of melanoma,” which became a widely recognized tool used for early detection of the disease. He wanted to do his part in decreasing the likelihood of skin cancer. Developing a line of sun protection and skin restore formulas that felt amazing to wear every day seemed like the next logical step to fight skin cancer at its source.

MD SolarSciences lives at the intersection of “clean” and “clinical”, a phrase coined as “cleanical”.  Unlike many cosmetic SPF brands, MD SolarSciences is dedicated to true skin wellness through the creation of luxurious, clean products that feel wonderful on the skin, are safe for all skin types and the environment - no harsh chemicals.   It’s what’s not in our formulas that makes us special.  MDSolarSciences is vegan and gluten, paraben and fragrance free. Their packaging is now fully recyclable and we have always been reef safe.

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