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Contours RX Microcrystal Patch Set- 4 pack

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Plump - Fill - Hydrate - Nourish - Soften - Reduce

Contours Rx Microcrystal Patches contain hundreds of needle-like crystals made of Hyaluronic Acid and HexaPeptides to treat wrinkles, increase collagen, improve elasticity and hydrate the skin. Each patch allows the HA and HexaPeptide 8 formula to focus on the area being treated. We have created a unique delivery system using a needle-like cone-shaped crystal that penetrates the top layer of skin to allow active ingredients to be delivered at the dermis layer; filling wrinkles at the source. This is the latest, non-invasive, at home way to treat wrinkles, increase collagen production, improve the elasticity and hydrate the skin. Gentle and painless as they dissolve overtime on the treated area while you sleep. No more dermarollers or at home microneeling machines! These can have dull needles that can damage the skin and be filled with bacteria. 


Jillian's Tip-

I love using these overnight under my eyes but they are also contoured for the nasal labial folds.  You can feel the spikes which is "fun" because it gives you the sense they are working.  When you wake up in the morning, the area you applied them will appear smoother and softer-more plump.